Tristan Bates Theatre/Soho Studio Theatre, London
Directed by James Kermack

“Stephen Pucci plays the cocksure, chippy, menacing and
quite insane Stud – a local gangster prone to unprovoked
attacks on visiting footie fans, rival tough guys and local
youngsters. The role is brilliantly performed by Pucci, who
gives a compelling performance of an image and
reputation-obsessed twenty-something lone gangster bent
on being both respected and feared… an impeccably error-
free performance.”
Sofi Goddard, Spoonfed

“Stephen Pucci, as the deranged yet compelling gangland
boss Stud, is phenomenal in a demanding and exhausting
role, switching with ease between revved-up aggression,
quiet menace and abject whimpering.”
Chris Sims, Remote Goat

“Stephen Pucci delivers the best of the monologues. When
the small space is commandeered by Stud, who fixes
audience members' eyes through the spotlight, all other
urgencies drop away... [His] face is groomed and his smile
warm, but his eyes reveal that he can deliver terror and
rage. Audience members dare not look anywhere else – he’
s that frightening.”
Notes From The Underground

“…a sit-up-and-take-notice ferocity of performance that had
me on the edge of my seat.”
Aleks Sierz, In-Yer-Face Theatre

“Most notably, Stephen Pucci’s psychopathic Stud is an
accomplished study in terror.”
Claudia A, Film News

“Stephen Pucci, as Stud, is by far the stand-out
performance here. His portrayal of a sadistic East End
gangster is nothing short of fantastic… He moves between
twisted rage and suave calm effortlessly, and steals the
show every time he is on stage.”
Jafar Iqbal, Extra! Extra!

“Stephen Pucci creates some nice details to his central anti-
Honour Bayes, The Public Reviews

“…a terrifying performance from Stephen Pucci.”
Louise Gooding, WhatsOnStage

Goodman Theatre, Chicago
Directed by Leigh Silverman

“Pucci creates a character whose time is past, and whose
future is dubious… it’s both laugh-out-loud funny and more
than a little heart-breaking.”
Catey Sullivan, Examiner

“Kudos goes to Stephen Pucci, who speaks Mandarin and
must restrain his Western-style acting (even when
emotional), so that he can preserve the correct inflections
of Chinese, and also so that he can create the feeling of a
Westerner who has lived 19 years in China.”
Sharon Kilarski, The Epoch Times

“Special commendations are due to Stephen Pucci, whose
delivery encompasses not only fluent oratory in English and
Chinese, but a heavy Australian accent imposed upon both.”
Mary Shen Barnidge, The Windy City Times

“Stephen Pucci is entirely realistic as the Australian expat
Peter Timms…”
Brian Hieggelke, Newcity Stage

“…both Pucci and Zhang are great delivering their confident
business dealings with plenty of swagger and desperation.”
Scott Morgan, Daily Herald

“Leads James Waterston, Jennifer Lim and Stephen Pucci
achieve a perfect balance of seriousness and humor…”
Sydney Slobodnik, the217

“The Goodman cast a larger net than usual to find actors
who could speak fluent Mandarin, and in Pucci’s case, an
actor who could also speak with an Australian accent. The
result is a superb cast that flies smoothly through a
complex production.”
Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times

“…brilliantly handled by Stephen Pucci, who handles
Mandarin with an Australian accent, and never misses a
Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago

Royal Opera House, London
Directed by Tristan Sharps

“There was one standout piece: Dreamthinkspeak's Absent
was deftly adapted to its setting. Using film, mirrors, actors
and decor, this performance installation managed to
suggest a whole bygone world haunting a short corridor...”
Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

“A tellingly detailed combination of film and live
The Times

Longacre Theatre, Broadway
Directed by Leigh Silverman

"Pucci, a real star in the making..."
Hilton Als, The New Yorker

"...played with great comic verve by Stephen Pucci."
Marilyn Stasio, Variety

"Stephen Pucci is a boisterously British Timms, successfully
suggesting a variety of hidden agendas underneath the
hail-fellow-well-met façade and particularly convincing when
inconvenient emotions erupt to crack it."
Erik Haagensen, Backstage

"Kudos also belongs to Stephen Pucci... [his] flawless
translations and stage presence makes quite an impressive
Broadway debut."
Kevin Thomas,

"...a passionate Stephen Pucci."
Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News

"Sharply acted by a fine seven-member company... An
exuberant Pucci and the remainder of the ensemble make
the most of their characters."
Michael Sommers, New Jersey Newsroom

"One of the leading roles is taken by Stephen Pucci, who
plays a British resident in China acting as fixer for the
American. It must be the only role in theatre that demands
a western actor switches seamlessly between English and
Mandarin. Hats off then to this young Briton..."
Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian

"Stephen Pucci’s Timms is heartfelt and conflicted as well as
extremely charming."
Carey Purcell,

"...a solid Stephen Pucci."
Mark Kennedy, Associated Press

" the opportunistic teacher, Stephen Pucci's Mandarin is
Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Enquirer

"Also terrific is Stephen Pucci as Peter Timms... As the
Englishman who's been in China for 19 years who brings his
own less than fully revealed past to his job as Daniel's
guide in "Guanxi" for bullding successful global
relationships, he reminds one of the characters in Somerset
Maugham's once best-selling short stories and novels
about far from home Brits."
Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up

"[Pucci] poignantly touches an emotional chord as a man
stuck between two worlds, belonging wholly to neither."
Andi Stover, California Literary Review

Platform Theatre, London
Directed by Oleg Mirochnikov / Liana Nyquist

"...a capable ensemble, with Benjamin and Pucci
developing a particularly credible connection."
Hannah Tookey, A Younger Theatre

"Stephen Pucci emotionally portrays the Dmitri as he falls
for the very first time, and then struggles to get over his
Rita Vicinanza, The Upcoming

Stephen Pucci plays "the mild-mannered but dominant
wooer of Chekhov's 'Lady with the Dog'. [He] is sharp,
committed and articulate in the glimpses of expressionism
he brings to Gurov."
Freddie Machin, Exeunt Magazine

"Stephen Pucci has fun switching rapidly between playing
his primary character, Dmitri Dmitrich, and a dog with, at
one point, a bone in its mouth..."
Ben Rackstraw, Just A Platform

"Pucci gave a good impression of man gripped by the
power of obsession, after believing he can easily forget a
woman who is just another conquest."
Steve Barfield, The Lady

"The sensitive direction and music, and the finely tuned
cast, all blend into creating magical moments."
Blanche Marvin

"Intense portrayals of passion and anguish abound in this
play, ever questioning the severity and blissfulness of
love... throughout the play that love is instinctive,
life-changing and necessary, whatever its consequences
may be. It is also a great torment. After the play's light,
almost optimistic, opening this is conveyed deeply in the
second half. It marks the end of their honeymoon phase,
the men tortured and pacing. Their storylines, only just
touching before, now come together in a dramatic climax
of frustrated love. [King and Pucci] demonstrate an
especial understanding of the heightened sentimentality
and drama that, for anyone who knows Russia, is a
national requisite. They render beautifully that sense of
Isabel Stokholm, Russian Art and Culture